Hello blogland!

So…here goes nothin! My name is Lindsay and I have absolutely NO experience with blogs but was introduced to them by a former roommate. I was very inspired by her blog and felt compelled to forge ahead in making my own. (Thank you Whitney for the inspiration!) The blog I am referring to is RedCouch+GrayDog.wordpress.com and I encourage you to check it out.

After checking out Red Couch + Gray Dog along with many other blogs I realized that I too had many thoughts and ideas I wanted to share with the world. I do not claim to be a master artist or writer, but I do feel that I am crafty and would like to put my artistic ability to good use.

Now that I have introduced myself and my initial influence for starting this blog, I would also like to thank my mother. I recently called my mother for a little pick me up and some advice about the direction my future is taking. In this conversation she refered to me as “a Martha Stewart on a budget”. Ok, thanks mom! I was not offended by this, but inspired by it. I do feel that I am crafty and would be great at decorating on a budget.

I guess you could say that between reading so many crafty blogs and the inspiration from my mother I would like my blog to inspire others to spruce up their life even if they too are doing it on a minimum budget.



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3 responses to “Hello blogland!

  1. Linda

    Neat! Good luck with this. I look forward to future postings! Love YOU!

  2. Claudette

    Good job you’re a wonderful writer! Keep up the good work and keep me posted. Luv u CB

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