I laugh in the face of cold weather!

As a new member of Texas gulf coast society, I want to welcome you to the beach during the off-season and all that it has to offer. Now, many people think that there is nothing to do on the coast during biting winds, early dark, and freezing cold water temperatures. This simply is not true!

I moved to Galveston, Texas at the beginning of January and thought the beach would be incredibly dull and secluded. Of course the beach is not packed to the brim with tourists and visitors, but it also has life that caught me off guard. Now, relaxing in the tide and letting the waves tickle your toes is only for the brave during the winter months but there is still fun to be had at the beach. There are year round surfing lessons if you are so inclined to learn and you can rest assured that no jellyfish will get you since the onslaught of jellyfish only arrive at the coast with the coming of warm water!

If you do not feel that you will fare well as a surfer and prefer to keep your feet on the ground you can always do as I do and collect shells. This is one of my favorite things to do year round at the beach, but it is most productive during the winter months. For obvious reasons there is less competition to find the best of the best in the world of shells. Now, for the normal vacationer shelling may seem some what…boring. But, for the creative vacationer shelling can produce wonderful things.

Now that I have shared with you surfing and shelling; I would like to share with you the sunset. I decided that after living in a coastal town for several weeks it was time that I take my dog to the water’s edge. This was a tremendous feat considering that my miniature dachshund is not very well-trained on leash edicate and felt that running was the only way to make it to the shore. After walking some 7 or 8 blocks and across 2 busy intersections this is what we arrived to see…

What a lovely sight to see. No matter the temperature of the water or the bite in the air, this place is magical and can speak to you. So, do not be afraid of the beach during the cold winter months, but embrace its beauty and splendor and use your time wisely. Maybe you can surf into the cotton candy colored horizon or pick up a shell here or there.



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3 responses to “I laugh in the face of cold weather!

  1. Linda

    Awesome! No, I really mean it!!

  2. dianne newcomer

    Enjoyed your blog….
    creative and entertaining! You may not be able to write an essay on Shakespeare, but who cares! You have found your genre!
    Hope tomorrow is as happy for you as a bird with French fries!!! Love you.

    • Thank you for checking it out! You can subsribe if you would like and check out some of the things I will be adding to it. : ) You are absolutely correct about my writing skills! I do not claim to be a great writer, but I figure the more I write the better. Also, with so much free time blogging will give me something to do to keep myself busy. You should start a travel blog : ) I love you too

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