Snip, Snip, Snip…

Since I am “new to the neighborhood” and know no one in Galveston, especially not barbers or hair stylists, I decided to make my front porch into “Salon de la Lindsay”! And, seeing as how Nick is the only person I know in the state of Texas, and his hair was getting awfully shaggy he volunteered to be my guinea pig. He is brave but terribly bonkers to allow me the opportunity to royally butcher his head. AHHHHHHH!!! He trusts me way too much. Since I have never cut hair before I decided the best way to go about this was to research the topic.

I began my research by looking up online how to cut a man’s hair. I was able to find some directions on the topic but they were somewhat vague. For those brave souls who are interested I will include the directions I used for this process at the end of this post. So, after looking up online how to cut a man’s hair, I also thought about all of the things I would need for this venture. I made a trip to the local Sally’s Beauty Supply Store and bought myself a $10 set of shears. I also asked the helpful sales attendant if it mattered what type of shears I purchased. FYI: it really does not matter what sheers you purchase. Whatever works the best for you is what you need to buy. For me… cheap was best! : ) Aside from needing shears I knew I would also need the following: a chair, a water bottle, a comb, and an electric razor.

After buying the shears and deciding there was no turning back I also did some research by asking Nick everything he knew about the cutting of the male head. Seeing as how he has been through the process numerous times he did tell me everything the knew which really seemed to help me feel more confident. He filled me in on the normal step by step process his former barbers had used in giving him the look he wanted. (He wanted me to use a # 4 guard on the electric razor and give him about an inch to an inch and a half in length on the top of his head). Good thing for me, the directions he gave me followed the directions I had found while doing research online fairly well. Awesooooome!

So, before cutting a man’s head for the first time ever I recommend doing 3 things: 1)Do as much research as possible about how to cut hair, whether it be online, talking to a professional, or reading a book. 2) Research the items that you will need for the process and have them all ready for when you go about this fun task. 3) Talk to the person whose hair you are cutting and get as much input as you can from them. They are going to be your best tutor on the topic seeing as how it is their head!!

This is a picture of Nick’s hair before the cutting:

This is Nick’s hair after the cutting:

I DID IT!! I cut Nick’s hair and he did not cry at the end result. It was very short but ended up even and Nick was a fan! Yayyyyy…. Now, here are the directions if you so choose to cut your man’s hair : )

~How to cut your man’s hair~

1 Wet the hair generously before cutting and towel dry.

2 Comb hair to remove any tangles and to get an idea of how and where to cut.

3 Trim the back of the head first and get that nice crisp line with a small clipper. Use also around the ears. Consult the guy about how short he would like it to be.

4 Comb the hair forward and make an imaginary line down the center of his head, as if it were in between his eyes separating the right side from the left side.

5 Pull the hair up in between your fingers where your imaginary line is, and cut to desired length (usually as tall as your finger is against his head).

6 After cutting your entire line, comb hair forward again and begin at the very front of the head. You should notice the length difference where you just cut.

7 Using that as your guide, make another “line” to either the right or left of your original one and begin cutting again as described in above steps.

8 Comb one last time after the entire head has been trimmed. Look over to make sure no spots were missed or to touch up any areas a little more.

9 Congrats! You have just completed your first men’s cut!



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3 responses to “Snip, Snip, Snip…

  1. Linda

    Nick is a brave, trusting man! Looks good. I’m glad you didn’t scalp him!

    • Me too! He was a great sport and actually really likes the hair. I believe I will be his new hair stylist from this point forward. This does not bother me one bit. It was pretty fun and allowed me to tap into a new form of art. : )

  2. Course your Uncle Jimmy’s hair only takes a #2 clipper and a zip, zip! Will be doing it for him this weekend…..have been cutting it for about 8 years now and he won’t go to a barber! So watch out, you definitely may have started something!

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